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David R. Herz, Attorney

My purpose is to make sure that when life's events happen, that's all you have to deal with.

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David R. Herz:
Mr. Herz

I am David Herz.

I'm here to help you order your life so that you can enjoy it and know your loved one's are taken care of.

Licensed in:

Connecticut, New York, and Israel

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I'm happy to come to you.

When I am in Connecticut (about half the year), I'm happy to come to you. When I'm not, we can meet via video-conference call.

You should reserve at least two hours for our discussion. Once you've scheduled, I'll send you a Welcome Packet so you can start assembling your information so that we can have a fruitful discussion.

You'll notice that appointments can not be booked earlier than 6 days out. This is because I will be sending you some homework to do before our appointment so that you can start to get clear on what you have and how you will structure your legacy.

If you have any questions, please reach out. I'm slowly populating my blog, and would like to address those matters of most importance to you.

Scheduling does not form an Attorney-Client Relationship

Please be advised that I do not engage all people I talk to, and I am not your attorney unless we actually sign a retainer agreement.

David R. Herz


Phone: 203-517-0518

Cellular: 203-257-4155 (when in the US)